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Protect Udzungwa Forest is documentary film produced in Kilombero valley especially at Udzungwa tropical forests.The film shows how local community protect their forest.

The Udzungwa Mountain are world famous for their great numbers of endemic plant and animal species, found nowhere else on the planet, and they have been ranked among the most important biological hotspots in the world.
Udzungwa Mountains play a critical role in the local, regional, and national economy of Tanzania. This is because they are a perennial source of water that used for agriculture and domestic use in the Kilombero Valley.
Also the place attract tourists for which the nation as well the neighbor communities benefit.                                                                                                                                                      The film Produced by DESERT FILM UNIT, Directed by Elisha Thompson.



The Beekeeping Support Project in Kigoma Region (2012-2016) was implemented by BTC, the Belgian development agency, and MNRT, the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. The strategy of the project was to develop the honey value chain, while linking this to sustainable management of natural resources and institutional capacity building. Over 5,000 beekeepers and their families were reached, as well as processor groups, cooperatives, traders and exporters operating in Kigoma Region.

These were aimed at:

  • improving beekeepers’ incomes through improved production and business skills
  • improving the efficiency of honey value chains through coordination and capacity building
  • protecting key forest and bee forage areas
  • creating an enabling environment for sustainable beekeeping local and national level     Produced by DESERT FILM UNIT & UNGANO LTD, directed by Elisha Thompson.



This video zooms in on bee queen rearing techniques. Because more bee queens, means more bee colonies; and more colonies, means more honey,more money.Produced by DESERT FILM UNIT & UNGANO LTD, directed by Elisha Thompson.


A BURNING ISSUE                                                                                                                      

                                   Documentary film exposes the impacts of the charcoal trade and the search for alternatives source of energy that are environmental friend.A film Directed and Edited by Elisha Thompson,Prepared by Sauti Zetu group.



Documentary film investigating the consequences of inadequate education in Tanzania. The film leads to its harrowing conclusion with the plight of street children living in extreme poverty in urban centers. The film is a call for Government Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Religious Institutions and Communities to work seriously together to build a bright future through promoting education and supporting children who live in poverty.  That was a first film produced by Elisha Thompson when he was amateur.



                                Documentary film exposes stigmatization and social discrimination faced by victims of HIV in the Lake Zones of Tanzania. HIV is prevalent among the fishing communities surrounding Lake Victoria.The film has been documented by HUBUMA organization and Elisha Thompson.


MATERNAL HEALTH Short film campaign for better maternal health in rural areas in order to reduce the death of pregnant women and children.The film was Produced and Directed by Elisha Thompson.


SHULE YA MSINGI KIGINGI                                                                                       

               Television spot campaign for  better housing and training for teachers.It was Produced by DESERT FILM UNIT, Directed by Elisha Thompson.


A DISCUSSION ON MATERNAL HEALTH                                     

                                        Television spot calls on couples to take joint responsibility in family planning and issues related to maternal health.The film Produced by DESERT FILM UNIT, Directed by Elisha Thompson.


A CALL FOR WOMEN TO DELIVER BABIES AT CLINIC                                   

                                         Television spot in advocating women to deliver their babies in hospitals rather than home delivery and depending on home mid wives. In this way enabling them to seek better health care for themselves and their babies thereby ensuring the survival of mother and child.The film Produced by DESERT FILM UNIT, Directed by Elisha Thompson.


A VISIT OF HON MAYA GRAF IN TANZANIA                                                             This is a min documentary about the visit of Hon Maya Graf the president of Swiss Parliament in Tanzania on 19th October 2013. The film Produced by DESERT FILM UNIT, Directed by Elisha Thompson.


The beautiful place                                                                                                                  



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